Cabadbaran, On The Run?

Truly, the plans of Cabadbaran City are inspiring as these demonstrate to us the capability of local government units to craft meaningful and creative plans.
Martial Law in Mindanao

The Fate of Mindanao Under Martial Law

After decades since it was last heard of, Martial Law is back– this time, only in Mindanao. With all the buzz and rants about this latest move of the Duterte Administration had garnered, people across the country wonder about the fate of Mindanao under the current military rule.
Butuan City

The Reawakening of Butuan City

To ensure the sustainability of economic growth in Butuan City, the local government must be more aggressive in pushing for economic diversification. After years of deep slumber, a giant is once again raring to take the spotlight in Mindanao’s economic arena.