The search for the most livable cities in Mindanao is on!!!

Livable Cities

Each one of us has our own ideal city where we want to work, live and finally settle down. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to our own preference of a place to live. Perhaps a place that can create a vibrant atmosphere that has easy access to the basic needs of the people. It can be based on political and social environment, medical and health care programs, public services and transport, socio-cultural and economic environment, education, consumer goods, natural environment, recreation and housing criteria.

Living in Mindanao is an idyllic set-up with heartwarming and loving people. Having the best climate in the country, it is rich in natural beauty, bountiful resources, and cultural diversity. Today, Mindanao’s growth has immensely progressed in terms of its economy, population size, infrastructure, active transport systems, commercial establishments and more.

For the second time around, Mindanao Economic Boom will conduct a survey of the most livable cities in Mindanao based on people’s perception. And to help you assess with your choice, we have shortlisted the following criteria in choosing your most livable cities:

  1. Cost of living – Does the city have affordable basic commodities, rental, and home ownership?
  2. A well-master planned community – Do you see a viable and sustainable long-term development plan for the city?
  3. Accessibility – Do you have access to the basic services (food, water, electricity, education, hospital, transportation, recreational/entertainment centers, etc.) in the city where you want to live?
  4. Employment opportunities – Is it feasible to find a job in the city?
  5. Connectivity – Does the city have infrastructures such as road networks, airports, and seaports that can easily connect with other cities, and technological facilities such as internet and telecommunication networks?
  6. Safety and Security – Do you feel safe living in the city?
  7. Government Efficiency – Do you believe that the local government has credible, trustworthy and organized governance that would support proficient public service and the ease of doing business?

Currently, there are 33 cities in Mindanao and are divided into three categories:

The first tier cities include highly urbanized cities and first class cities.

The second tier cities include second class and third class cities.

The third tier cities include fourth, fifth and sixth class cities.

Note: City Classifications are based on a report by the Bureau of Local Government Finance.


  1. Nominate your top 5 most livable cities for each category based on ranking with number 1 as the most preferred city.

  2. Incomplete entry will be invalid and will not be counted.

  3. You can send your entry through a comment in each designated category post.

  4. You can send your entry only once per day.

  5. Submission of entries will run from June 17 – June 30, 2017.

At the end of the period, we will identify the top 5 most livable cities for each category garnering the most number of nominations and will feature each of these cities on our website and FB page. Ranking of the top 5 most livable cities will then be based on the number of likes, shares, and page views.

Please visit MEB Facebook page to submit your entry!!!

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